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The Value Sensitive Design Cooperative (VSD Coop) is for all who seek to teach on human values, tools & technology, and design, in such areas as Information Science, Informatics, Computer Science, Engineering, Design, Media Arts, and related areas.

Our goal is to help catalyze a community of practice around educational resources related to Value Sensitive Design. At the same time, all sympathetic approaches are welcome.


The Value Sensitive Design Coop Wiki was developed in the Summer of 2019 by Nick Logler and David Hendry at the Value Sensitive Design Research Lab, The Information School, University of Washington, Seattle.

The wiki has been seeded with example educational resources. We have tried to keep the organization of the resources simple so that we can all work together to add resources and to shape the wiki.

We think it is ready to grow and be modified to support the VSD community ... so please let us know what you think: Feedback? Thoughts and ideas? Suggestions for improvement? Please e-mail:

David Hendry (dhendry@uw.edu)

January 2020